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Our Statement on Conflict Minerals

In union with our principles, Hitchiner Manufacturing Co., Inc. ("Hitchiner®" or the "Company") supports and adheres, as a non-filer, to the Dodd-Frank Law Section 1502. The goal of the law is to curtail direct and indirect funding of armed groups engaged in conflict and human rights abuses.

Link to Conflict Minerals:

Given the Company's commitment to our Principles, Hitchiner® embraces the opportunity to practice responsible and ethical stewardship with our resources by exercising authority to consider nation state factors when establishing policies and practices.

Hitchiner® does not and will not purchase the following raw materials metals: Gold, Tantalum, Tin and Tungsten where revenues would finance or benefit armed groups who commit human rights abuses in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and adjoining countries. Hitchiner® requires suppliers to refuse the use of Conflict Minerals from the conflict areas and to verify the source of the minerals/metals.

Status of Due Diligence to Prevent Use of Conflict Minerals

In February 2013, Hitchiner® joined the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition through the AIAG's (Automotive Industry Action Group) i-Point web-based platform in an effort to align our Company’s compliance to our customers’ Conflict Minerals reporting requirements.

Hitchiner® has verified that all manufactured parts, automotive and aerospace, are Conflict Minerals free.