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Ferrous Operations

ACFAt the heart of Ferrous Operations is the Automated Casting Facility, a 90,000-plus square-foot facility that employs some of the most advanced automation known to industry. Combined with new manufacturing methods and the power of a single, cooperative workforce focused on customer needs, this technology now makes Hitchiner's® complete-to-print countergravity casting more competitive than ever with alternative, lower cost but less advantageous processes, such as sand casting, forging, stamping, and fabricating.

The Milford location is the main production facility for wax injection, pattern assembly, shell building, casting and heat treat operations. Hitchiner® workers in Littleton provide medium-to-high volume machining and finishing. State-of-the-art high volume machining equipment enables Hitchiner® to supply castings machined to print and sub-assembled, when specified.

The Ferrous Division produces parts in a wide array of sizes and configurations with primary sales in the automotive, diesel, and military markets. Leading programs are automotive rocker arm, rocker arm shaft assembly and intermediate lever programs in high-volume production for General Motors, Daimler-Chrysler, Volkswagen and BMW. Additional products include commercial diesel engine turbocharger wheels for industry leaders BorgWarner and Honeywell Garrett.